If you live in Corpus and the surrounding areas, you understand the overwhelming amount of stray animals inhabiting our community. The majority of these animals have been abandoned by previous owners. This is animal cruelty at its worst. We want to give these animals a better chance at life and happiness.

Every pet deserves a good home. Every home is not meant for every pet. When animals and owners don’t mix, we want to get that animal relocated to a more suitable home. Every day in Corpus, dogs and cats are left on their own from previous owners. We believe we can mitigate this problem with education and support.

We specialize in all kinds of animal rescues and transports.  We own and operate a spay/neuter and wellness clinic.  Our purpose is to end animal cruelty in Texas, spay/neuter, vaccinate, and end the dumping and abandonment of cats and dogs. We also have an education program to teach Texas residents about animal care in an attempt to change the mentality of some who believe that animals are disposable or don’t matter. It takes a village to turn this around. That’s what we’ve created.

We find abandoned animals and get them to safety immediately. We have a team of dedicated individuals who take the utmost care to see that the animal is safe and able to be moved. We are foster based, and not a shelter. All animals must have a foster willing to keep them safe in their home.

We spay, neuter, vaccinate, and cure each animal of any injuries or conditions they may have, internally or externally after a full check up from one of our certified veterinarians.

We want to teach pet owners in our communities the proper ways to care for our pets, and have open conversations about what to do if the time comes to part ways.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of individuals who believe we can make a difference with your help. Meet our team and reach out to us with any questions you may have